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If you are looking for a cremation provider we'd like to suggest that you consider asking the following questions. Some providers own and operate their own crematories and your loved one never leaves their care, while others contract with a crematory to perform the cremation. Understanding these differences may help you in the decision making process.

In choosing a firm, the Cremation Association of North America recommends you ask the following questions regarding policies and procedures for proper cremation practices.

Your provider should be very willing to answer any and all of your questions as we have done here.

If you have questions, please contact the Cremation Association of North America at (312) 245-1077.


Do they have their own crematory or do they work with a cremation firm? If the latter, which crematory do they use?

Yes. At Palmetto Cremation Society we own and operate our own crematory which houses two cremation units, a refrigerated morgue, private viewing room, small chapel, arrangement room and offices.

Who owns the crematory facility?

Palmetto Cremation Society is owned by Archie Willis and Mark Smith.

How often do they inspect that facility?

Inspections of our facility take place on a daily basis by staff, monthly by senior management and annually by the manufacturer, Matthews International. We are also subject to unannounced inspections by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

Are licenses and permits current?

Yes. All licenses and permits are current and are on display at the Cremation Society for your inspection.

How many operators do they have and what type of training do they require? Are they CANA certified?

Palmetto Cremation Society employs one full time crematory operator who is trained and certified through Matthews International Cremation Division. In addition all other staff members, from the Administrative Assistant to the Funeral Director, are required to be Matthews certified as well. Two additional employees are CANA certified, one achieving Master Trainer Certification.

Does the crematory have refrigeration?

Yes. Palmetto Cremation Society maintains an ample onsite refrigerated morgue to safely house the deceased while all the necessary cremation permits are being obtained.

How long does the crematory hold the body prior to cremation?

Cremations take place as soon as the cremation permit is obtained from the County Coroner.

Does the crematory have liability insurance?

Yes, Palmetto Cremation Society complies with all the requirements as pertain to liability insurance.

Does the crematory facility allow witnessing by family members?

Yes. Palmetto Cremation Society offers the use of a private room with a curtained view into the crematory. Family members may view the placement of their loved one into the cremation unit much like they would at a graveside.

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