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How to Design Cremation Services in Goose Creek, SC


When you are saying goodbye to someone you love, not only do you need to face the grief that comes, but it is also time to consider the available end of life services. For many families, a traditional funeral isn’t the right fit. Instead of assuming that a funeral should be designed in a specific way, consider alternative options such as cremations in Goose Creek, SC.


At Palmetto Cremation Society, we believe that every family should have the freedom to design a personalized cremation or funeral service. Our team is here to provide options. We give you the freedom to choose a cremation package that aligns with your desires and personal goals.


Planning a cremation can be simple compared to the work required for a big funeral. Regardless of the size of the event, our team will handle the details to minimize the stress you experience before, during, and after the end of life services.


Affordable Cremations in Goose Creek, SC


One of the main benefits of choosing cremation is the low cost compared to funeral services. Why burden your family with debt when cheaper alternatives are available? A traditional funeral requires various costs, such as embalming, a casket, graveside services, burial plot, and more.


In comparison, cremation gives you the choice regarding where the person is laid to rest and how the ashes are kept. The cost of cremation is a fraction of the price compared to funeral services. At Palmetto Cremation Society, we are one of the most affordable providers in the area. Our team specializes in cremation, which means there is no reason for you to pay an extra fee to a funeral home.


Compare the costs, and it is easy to see how you can save thousands of dollars with cremation services. We pass the savings onto our customers whenever possible, giving you affordable packages without sacrificing the quality of care offered.


Why A Team that Specializes in Cremation?


The truth is that many funeral homes outsource cremation services to other providers. We keep it simple by giving you direct access to a team that specializes in the end of life services you need. Not only can we assist with simple cremation, but we also offer the experience for memorial services, burials, celebrations of life, and other funeral services as desired.


As cremation has gained in popularity, we saw the need to provide direct services: cremation without unnecessary offerings. You can choose a cremation package that includes a gathering for friends and family. Or, direct cremation is the cheapest solution, with the option to self-host a small gathering at home when you receive the ashes. It’s up to you to decide on the services that are the right fit for your family culture and the desires of the deceased.


Available add-on services include:


  • Celebrations of Life
  • Memorial Products
  • Advance Planning
  • Video Tributes
  • Live Streaming
  • Catering
  • Grief support


When you work with our team, we promise that you will receive our undivided attention and personalized services every step of the way.


Preplanning Cremation Services


Immediate cremation is available when a person passes away unexpectedly. When death occurs, we encourage you to contact our team as soon as possible. We will coordinate transportation to bring your loved one into our care. Then, our caring staff can work with you through the remaining details as you choose the services that are the right fit for your needs.


The benefit of preplanning cremation in Goose Creek, SC is that you don’t need to leave these difficult decisions for your loved ones. Be proactive right now to design your desired plan for the end of life services. Our team can walk you through the options, answer questions, and help with finalizing your cremation plan. Then, we will hold this information on file so it is ready when needed in the future.


Preplanning means that you can lock in the details of the event and pay for the services. Your family doesn’t need to experience the financial burden or the difficult decisions when you are gone.


We Are Here to Support


At Palmetto Cremation Society, we understand the difficult decisions you are facing in this challenging time of life. If you are looking for support, then we invite you to call us to learn about the quality services that are offered. We’ll share information about the various cremation packages and provide a listening ear as you are navigating the decisions ahead.


If you’ve decided that cremation services in Goose Creek, SC are a better fit than traditional funeral services, then call us to schedule a consultation. Palmetto Cremation Society has a convenient location nearby at 5638 N Rhett Ave North Charleston, SC 29406. You are welcome to visit our facilities so you can learn more about our company. Or, call to discuss your questions over the phone: (843) 722-2555.


FAQs about Cremation Services


Do you remove organs before cremation?
Organs are never extracted unless there was an autopsy or if the individual was an organ donor. Moreover, what's really returned to you is the person's skeleton. All that's left after you've burned away all the water, soft tissue, organs, skin, hair, cremation casket, and so on is bone.


How many bodies are cremated at once?
Just one body can be cremated at a time, and all cremated remains must be removed from the chamber before a cremation can take place. Exceptions are made, however, in the case of a mom and baby or small twin children, if the next of kin or executor has specifically requested it.


Why do people get cremated?
Many people regard cremation as a means of returning the body to nature, and some people suggest it because they do not want their friends and families to bear the financial burden of burying them.


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