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Originally built in 1982 as John Liberatos Crematorium in the Charleston Neck area - adjacent to the historic Magnolia, Bethany and St. Lawrence Cemeteries - Palmetto Cremation Society was the first crematory in the Tri-County. We pride ourselves on the functionality and appearance of our facilities. We are constantly updating and improving our premises and equipment to keep our facility within the highest of professional standards.


For advice on what to do when a loved one is dying, making funeral arrangements, pre-arranging your own funeral, or anything else, please feel free to contact us.

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When it is time to schedule cremation, you will find that a variety of packages and services are available. At Palmetto Cremation Society, we are striving to simplify the cremation planning process. Our team offers unique services that can be customized based on the individual needs of each client. You are welcome to contact us at any time to learn more about available services for cremations in Ladson, SC.


We believe that every person deserves respectful, quality, affordable end of life services. Our cremation packages are designed with customer needs in mind. We work hard to keep our overhead costs low so that the savings can be passed onto our customers. Just because the prices are affordable doesn’t mean that you will sacrifice the quality of services. We promise the highest levels of care and utmost respect for families from all backgrounds and cultures.


Why Cremation?


This method of laying someone to rest involves reducing the body to ashes through heat and flame. Specialized equipment is necessary to ensure quality results and respectful care of the deceased. The bone fragments are processed to create a fine-textured powder, known as ashes. The family can decide where the remains are laid to rest.


With traditional burial so common in the past, why are many families choosing cremation? Learn about the benefits, and you will see that there are clear benefits available through cremation services:


  • No Casket or Burial Plot: When a full body is laid to rest, it is required that the person be placed in the ground or entombed in a mausoleum. As a result, families need to spend money on burial services and products. Choosing cremation means that you can skip the cost of a casket, vault, and burial plot.
  • Alternative Options: On the other hand, some people choose to combine cremation with burial services. Instead of placing a full casket in the ground, the ashes are laid to rest in a burial urn. Other options include scattering the ashes, storage in an urn at home, memorial jewelry, and more.
  • Affordable Services: Traditional funerals can cost thousands of dollars when you add up the costs for all of the details of the event. Why put a financial strain on your family to add to the grief that is experienced? Compare the costs and you will find that cremation is much more affordable than a full funeral service.
  • Simplicity: Many families don’t want to add to their stress when saying goodbye to a loved one. If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of designing a full funeral service, rest assured to know that you can keep it simple with basic cremation instead. Our team at Palmetto Cremation Society is here to support you in the freedom and flexibility of choosing the right services based on your unique needs.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to funeral and cremation planning. As you are considering your options for cremations in Ladson, SC, we invite you to consider all available packages to ensure your unique needs are met. Palmetto Cremation Society is here to offer personalized, quality services for every family.


Advance Planning vs. Immediate Cremations in Ladson, SC


Did you know that you can design cremation and funeral services in advance, helping to reduce the stress on your loved ones in the future? It is common for families to face the loss of a loved one and the stressful experience of planning a funeral at the same time. While there are instances where the death was unexpected, most families can prepare for the future by coordinating cremation preplanning.


Our team at Palmetto Cremation Society is here to share details about your options. Not only do we offer common services such as cremations, funerals, memorials, and celebrations of life, but we also have unique details that can be included in your event: video tributes, catering, live streaming, grief support, memorial products, and more. When you talk to us about preplanning, we will determine the services that are the right fit for your needs and preferences. This information will be stored securely, so it is ready when the time is right.


At the same time, we are also just a phone call away at any time – both day and night. When you need cremation services, it is essential that you call as soon as possible. We are here to answer your questions and walk you through the details every step of the way. In addition to cremation services, we also help with details behind the scenes: transportation, bringing the deceased into our care, paperwork, permits, event planning, and more.


A Cremation Provider You Can Trust


We are here to assist when you need cremations in Ladson, SC. For more information about these quality services, contact us at Palmetto Cremation Society. We are located nearby, at 5638 N Rhett Ave North Charleston, SC 29406. Call any time: (843) 722-2555.


Funeral & Cremation FAQs

  • How to write an obituary?
  • When writing an obituary consider including the following: biographical Information, family Information, accomplishments and awards, and service arrangements. Learn more.
  • What is the difference between standard honor military funeral and full honor military funeral?
  • Both incudes a military chaplain, flag presentation service, and a final salute. Full honor military funeral includes a gun salute, US flag, and the playing of taps. Learn more.
  • Should I hide my grief of losing a family member from my children?
  • It's important for children to know that adults cry when they're very sad, too, and that their feelings of grief are normal and shared by others. Let them know that you're okay, and find comfort together by sharing your feelings and remembering the loved one who is gone. For more tips about talking to children about death click here.


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