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Deciding that cremation is the right choice for end of life services is one decision of many that needs to be addressed during this challenging experience. Are you looking for a simple, stress-free experience? Or would you rather plan cremation with a full-service funeral and cemetery burial? It’s up to you to select the specific details for cremation service in Summerville, SC.


At Palmetto Cremation Society, we give every family the chance to design an event that is custom-fit to their traditions and customs. There is no direct path to designing the right service for your loved one. Instead, you need to consider the desires of the deceased, generational customs and traditions, and the preferences of the family. We’ll help you compare various cremation packages so you can design a service that is the perfect fit for your unique situation.


Simple Cremations in Summerville, SC


What does it mean if you choose a simple cremation, also known as a direct cremation? This service is focused on caring for the deceased without the extra, unnecessary services required for traditional funerals. There is no requirement that you need to hold a large gathering at a funeral home or chapel to commemorate the person. Sometimes it is better to keep things simple, giving you the option to honor their life uniquely.


Simple cremation includes all necessary details, including paperwork and permits. But there is no formal gathering of friends and family. After the deceased is cremated, then the ashes are returned to the family and you can decide what you would like to do. For example, some families hold a small, intimate memorial at home with the people closest to the individual. It could be a quiet evening talking about memories shared over the years. Or, you might host a backyard BBQ as a celebration of life.


Full-Service Cremation


On the other hand, some families prefer to carry the tradition of a formal meeting with loved ones. If you want more than basic cremation, then our team can assist with all other services you would like to add on. We can help with memorial or funeral events, as well as burial and cemetery coordination if desired.


We are striving to give you one location for all services that are needed to honor your loved one. Our team specializes in cremation, but we also have extensive experience in all aspects of end of life planning. If desired, our facilities can be used for the event. We offer video tributes, live streaming, and catering by request.


Visit our location to learn more about available products, including urns, caskets, and memorial products. These items can be purchased to go with your chosen services. Additionally, it can be comforting to have a way to memorialize your loved one after they are gone.


Choosing a Cremation Provider


As you are selecting from the various funeral and cremation companies in the area, it is important to research both price and experience. You’ll find that Palmetto Cremation Society offers affordable solutions for cremation planning. We work hard to minimize our costs so that the savings can be passed onto you.


Additionally, you need to be sure that you are working with a reputable company. The funeral director will be overseeing every detail of these end of life services. Choosing an experienced, trusted team is essential to give you the peace of mind in knowing that the highest levels of respect are offered at all stages of the cremation. We have strict systems in place to ensure optimal care for every individual and their families.


Finally, don’t overlook the benefits of preplanning cremations in Summerville, SC. We can assist with immediate cremation services as needed. At the same time, we also offer preplanning support if you’d like to prepare for an event in the future. Even if you don’t know the anticipated timeline for the end of life services, you have the option to schedule a consultation with our team to pick out the details of the event. We hold this information in our secure files so the details are ready for your family at the appropriate time.


Quality Cremations and Flexible Planning


At Palmetto Cremation Society, we’ve streamlined our planning system to ensure the highest levels of care for all families. When you choose our team for cremation and funeral services, you’ll see that we have a simple process to walk you through the details and decisions. We are working hard to reduce your stress. Instead of worrying about the event, you should be focused on the needs of your family at this time.


Are you ready to learn about available packages for cremations in Summerville, SC? You are invited to visit Palmetto Cremation Society at 5638 N Rhett Ave, North Charleston, SC 29406. Stop by our location or call us to schedule a consultation: (843) 722-2555.


FAQs about Cremation Services


Are green burials cheaper?
Green funerals are less expensive than conventional funerals because they do not have many of the items that traditional funerals do. As a result, they are also less expensive. They are a cost-effective alternative to conventional burials because they do not require embalming or coffins.


Can a husband and wife be buried in the same casket?
You may be able to have the cremated remains buried on top of your spouse's casketed remains, or use the room offered next to him/her, depending on the cemetery's policy. It is determined by the cemetery. If they would approve it or not. Some people are buried with a separate casket on top of the first.


Why do they cover face before closing casket?
The risk of staining is reduced by covering the face and hands with a tissue or cloth. When using a rental casket, this is particularly critical. We never know when a member of the family will need a final inspection prior to burial or cremation.


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