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What You Need to Know About Cremations in West Ashley, SC


It is a personal decision to decide if you are going to bury a loved one in a casket or choose cremation instead. If you are considering cremation, but don’t know much about the service, then our team at Palmetto Cremation Society is here to answer your questions. We are the local experts in everything related to cremations in West Ashley, SC and invite you to schedule a consultation with our team.


Whether you prefer a simple cremation or you are looking for a full-service package, we’ll help you design a plan that meets the needs of your family. Our team has been serving the local community for years, offering the highest levels of care at a time when you need it the most.


Things to Know about Cremation Services in West Ashley, SC


Not only do you need to learn about your options for cremations, but it is also important to select a company that offers the full range of services that are needed. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you are choosing a funeral home and cremation provider:


  • Location: Selecting a company that is close to home is beneficial to save both time and money. Make sure that the provider offers pickup and delivery services in your neighborhood. For example, transportation needs to be arranged to bring the deceased into our care. We offer services throughout the local area to ensure your convenience.
  • Cost: Always check on pricing before choosing a provider for the necessary services. At Palmetto Cremation Society, we are transparent with the pricing and have detailed packages and costs listed on our website. Compare these prices with those from traditional funeral homes, and you’ll find that we offer an affordable solution for quality cremation care. We’ll help you save money without sacrificing the services that are necessary for a respectful end of life plan.
  • Expertise: Did you know that many funeral homes outsource cremation to another provider? As a result, the remains of your loved one move to multiple locations, and you don’t know who is overseeing all stages of the cremation. If you want cremation, a better solution is to pick a provider who specializes in these services, such as Palmetto Cremation Society. We have a detailed process to ensure the quality of care during all stages of the service.
  • Simplicity: It doesn’t have to be complicated to design end of life services for someone that you love. As you are preparing to say goodbye to a family member, you’ll find that cremation is a simple choice compared to full funeral services and cemetery burial. We have a streamlined process to make it easy to coordinate the services that are necessary every step of the way, including permits and paperwork required for the cremation.


Personalized Services for Every Family


As you learn more about the quality services offered here at Palmetto Cremation Society, we invite you to design a cremation package that is the right fit for the unique needs of your family. We promise a personalized approach and custom care for every person.


The most common process is to choose a cremation package that includes the overall services you desire. Then, you are welcome to hand-pick any additional services that might be required to match your family traditions and customs. Some families keep it simple with a DIY gathering at home after a basic cremation is complete. Or, you can work with our team to design funeral or memorial services as desired.


We want to be sure that you are satisfied with the outcome of the event. Our team is equipped to assist with anything that is needed, including celebrations of life, live streaming of the event, video tributes, catering, memorial products, grief support, and more.


When to Begin the Planning Process


When should you create a plan for cremations in West Ashley, SC? It is never too early to design services. Failing to create a plan right now means that your family might be left with an unexpected event. As a result, they will need to guess your preferences and design services to match.


You don’t need to leave this burden on the people that you love! Instead, talk to our experienced team at Palmetto Cremation Society for assistance with advance planning. You can learn about available services at your convenience. When you are ready, we will finalize the cremation plan so the details are on file for the future.


We’re Here to Answer Your Questions


What questions do you have about planning cremations in West Ashley, SC? If you would like to learn more, then our experienced team is just a phone call away. Visit Palmetto Cremation Society at 5638 N Rhett Ave North Charleston, SC 29406. Or call us anytime at (843) 722-2555.


FAQs about Cremation Services


Do you get cremated in a coffin?
At a cremation, do they burn the coffin? Yes, the coffin (or whatever container was chosen to carry the body) is burned in the same fire as the body.


Why do we bury the dead 6ft under?
The origins of "six foot under" can be traced back to a plague epidemic in England in 1665. As the disease spread throughout the world, London's mayor literally wrote the law on how to dispose of the bodies in order to prevent more infections.


Do veterans get free funerals?
Military funeral honors are available at no cost to almost all veterans. They are normally eligible for free remembrance pieces such as headstones, flags, and medallions as well.


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