A Death is Imminent

Should your loved one be under the care of Hospice, or if you have been advised to make final arrangements, we are here to assist with those details while leaving you to spend valuable time with your loved one.

Below are links to two forms that you will need. Please complete them and fax them to us at 843-723-7040 as soon as possible, since time is of the essence. We will also need you to mail the originals or bring the originals to our office.


Personal Information and Pre-Need Authorization for Cremation (click to download)

  • The personal information will be used to assemble the South Carolina Death Certificate.
  • The Authorization should be signed by the individual or by the person designated with the Healthcare Power of Attorney. The document must be witnesses.



A Death Has Occurred

If you are making At-Need Arrangements following the death of a loved one, we may have directed you to these forms either in anticipation of our meeting or because we are assisting you over some distance.

The office will be discussing these forms with you further.


Personal Information Worksheet (click to download)

  • Please complete Sections #1 through #13C and Sections #51 through #55. We'll handle the rest. For #54 and #55, the state is looking for the type of work done during most of the deceased's working life.


South Carolina At-Need Authorization For Cremation (click to download)

  • This document should be reviewed thoroughly, initialed on the lines next to each numbered statement and signed on the last page by the legal next of kin. The signature(s) must be witnessed by a Notary Public.



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